Your recycling solution

Data Centre Decommissioning

We provide a high quality data centre decommissioning service to our clients worldwide. The lifecycle of data centres are often short and upgrades are frequent. This leaves IT managers and systems engineers with the complex task of decommissioning and securely disposing of data centres.

As specialists in IT asset management Juz Electronic provides a professional service to several blue chip clients around the world. Our team works with IT and systems engineers to safely decommission datacentres and securely destroy all sensitive data. We provide numerous methods of data destruction for data centres including on-site physical destruction and CESG approved software destruction.

Services we provide

Working closely with system engineers, our service is managed by our decommissioning technicians so it reduces the workload for your staff. We decommission servers of all manufacturers and wide range server arrangements.

Types of Servers we decommission
  • Physical and Virtual Servers
  • Blade Servers
  • NAS and SAN Systems
  • Various RAID configurations
  • Tape Cartridges
  • Routers
  • Network Hubs and Switches
  • KVM
Removal service items
  • UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supplies)
  • PDUs
  • Diesel generators
  • Cabling
  • A/C and HVAC
  • Raised Floors
  • Overhead racks and server cabinets

Methods of data destruction

The methods used to destroy data can be tailored to your needs. For high security data, we can provide on-site physical destruction where our mobile shredder or mobile drill can be utilised.

We provide software based and physical destruction at our facility, where assets are securely transferred and destroyed. This method can be employed if our client is not able to destroy the data on site, or if the data is not considered ‘highly sensitive’.

Data destruction is provided for all types of media which holds any form of data; this can include Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Disks, USB Storage and SAN, NAS disk drives, Data Tapes, CDs etc. We also provide a service for configuration wiping and data destruction for ICs and Printers. Please contact us for more details.

Asset Tracking

Our bespoke asset tracking system has been designed to give our clients confidence that their assets are always secure. Your assets can always be tracked as their status is updated at each stage of the data destruction process. You will also be provided with detailed reports of each individual data bearing item with serial numbers, personal asset IDs, along with other important data to make tracking of your item simple.

How it works

As a fully licenced WEEE recycling company; we are able to offer a complete recycling solution. Our efficient process allows you to dispose your equipment with ease and requires minimal effort on your part; all you need to do is call us and arrange a time which suits you, and we take care of the rest. The short video below demonstrates what happens to your waste through our IT recycling process.

  • Assess the customer requirements
  • H&S risk assessment
  • Provide advice on methods of destruction and how they can be carried out
  • Advice on security issues
  • Comprehensive Data security risk assessment
  • How the items can be physically transferred
  • Liaising with IT and system engineers

  • Comprehensive plan produced to minimise disruption to client
  • Includes several different methods of destruction which can be executed
  • Risk register produced to tackle any risks, the probability of the risk occurring, what can be done to avoid the risk, and actions taken if risk does occur
  • Reporting methods used to provide an asset report to the clients
  • Confidentiality agreements between Juz Electronic and the client

  • Upon approval of the operational plan by Juz Electronic and our client a project commencement date is arranged at the clients convenience

  • If the client has selected on-site destruction;

  • Data centre is decommissioned
  • Data sensitive items are physically destroyed on-site
  • COD and reporting of items is provided to the client
  • Any remaining materials are transferred to our site using security containers and our GPS tracked vehicle

  • If the client has opted for data destruction at our facility;

  • Data centre is decommissioned
  • All items are removed and safely transferred to our vehicle
  • Detailed reporting is provided to confirm what we have collected
  • Any highly sensitive items are sealed in security containers and transferred in our GPS tracked vehicle

  • Equipment is logged at our facility and prepared for data destruction
  • Once the data destruction is complete a Certificate of Destruction (COD) and report is issued to the client to confirm the destruction

Specialist Requests

We understand that certain data can be highly sensitive and clients need to take extra precautions. We can arrange for certain requirements which our clients may have. A few requirements have been included below, if require any further information please contact us to see how we can accommodate you.

  • Data destruction witnessing can be arranged
  • Photographic or video evidence of hard disk drive destruction
  • Additional security arrangements for example security guards and patrols can be arranged

Why choose Juz Electronic?

Juz Electronic is a recycling company specialising in IT and Telecommunications recycling services throughout the world. We have six sites over three continents; this gives you the flexibility of using our global network to safely recycle your electronic equipment. Wherever you are situated, we can provide you with a secure service. We cover all sectors; SMEs, Large organisations, government departments, education sector, healthcare sector etc.

  • Fully certified and compliant, we adhere to all government regulations & standards
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 27001 accredited organisation ensuring a high quality and secure service
  • Rigorous data destruction procedures for a wide range of devices
  • Detailed reporting and tracking of all items
  • Secure transfer of all assets with GPS location
  • Legal documentation provided to keep you compliant
  • Staff trained in strict data destruction procedures
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure quality of service