Your recycling solution

Global Network

Juz Electronic has an extensive global network which helps explore and establish relationships in new markets, this allows our customers to progress their business further and maximise their value.

Our fleet and strong relationships with logistical companies provides us with resources to recycle electronic and IT equipment wherever you are located. We can arrange for the collection of electronic recycling and reuse materials from anywhere in the world.

Our sites span across the globe covering three continents, we work in close partnership across our network which allows us to deliver great benefits to our clients. All our sites adhere to local government regulations which ensure all our clients stay compliant.

Detailed Audit Trail

The reporting we have in place provide a detailed audit trail which allows our clients to track the whereabouts of their recyclable materials. Our environmental policy ensures electronic waste we collect is disposed of responsibly. All electronic waste is responsibly recycled, any valuable parts are thoroughly tested, and any remaining parts are recycled through refineries which have been approved to government standards.

How this benefits our clients?

  • Our resources and expertise ensures safe and reliable transportation for your items as well as adhering to regulations in your country
  • Our global logistical operation ensures your appliances attain the best possible value
  • Our large scale operation ensures a cost effective solution for your business