Your recycling solution

Mobile Phone & Tablet Recycling

Juz Electronic offers a recycling and refurbishment scheme which ensures you get the most out of mobile phone and tablet recycling. Our procedures ensure your mobiles are responsibly taken care of and don’t end up in a landfill.

Services we provide

Who we provide for

Value for our clients is maximised through our large scale and efficient operation. We provide a ‘mass recycling’ service for various industries such as educational establishments, commercial and government organisations. Alongside these, we also carry out work on behalf of local authorities, and businesses in the financial sector. We ensure all devices go through our strict data destruction procedures and all data is wiped within our own facility.

Retailer Take-Back & Recycling Schemes

If you currently have a recycling scheme or you are considering starting one, Juz Electronic can help you operate and service this scheme. We can provide you with a wealth of knowledge of the industry, along with proactive ideas on how to market your scheme.

Along with this, we can provide a wide range of safe storage products and facilities, and collect from your location using our logistical services.

How we generate value for our clients

Our services ensure maximum value for our client. The mobile and tablet devices are either repaired by one of our trained technicians; or they are recycled at a local facility. Any valuable parts are harvested for refurbishment and any low value components are recycled to make new products.

To maximise the return on your investment your devices will be responsibly recycled or refurbished for remarketing. Any devices which we receive can go through CESG and physical data destruction procedures, please contact us to discuss your requirements that you may have.

Why choose Juz Electronic?

Juz Electronic is a recycling company specialising in IT and Telecommunications recycling services throughout the world. We have six sites over three continents; this gives you the flexibility of using our global network to safely recycle your electronic equipment. Wherever you are situated, we can provide you with a secure service. We cover all sectors; SMEs, Large organisations, government departments, education sector, healthcare sector etc.

  • Maximising financial benefit for your busines
  • Full compliant and certified recycling and reuse organisation
  • Very strict data handling procedures ensuring data is kept secure and safely destroyed ISO 27001 compliant
  • Environmentally friendly processing of devices
  • First class recycling schemes with SLAs to ensure quality service
  • Pro-active approach to Recycling and take-back schemes