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Why Recycle WEEE?

The most popular of the 3 R’s is recycling. This is due to it being marketed the most, and vast amount of recycling facilities available for consumers to use. It is the most popular, but it also uses the most energy because it involves breaking down the appliance to its core components and extracting the raw materials.

Why Recycle Computers and electronic equipment?

Saves energy

  • In the manufacturing process
  • Save more energy than when fresh materials are extracted
Job creation

Conserves resources

  • No need for extraction of fresh materials
  • Reuses existing materials
  • Protects habitats
Protects the environment

  • Raw materials aren’t used
  • Extraction (mining, logging etc.) all create a great amount of air and water pollution
  • Reduces the amount of greenhouse gases
  • Reduces landfill which means there is less contamination

IT recycling is still far better than disposal, because it doesn’t use as much energy, it doesn’t cause pollution, and it doesn’t fill up landfills sites.