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Why Reduce?

The most positive impact on the environment can be achieved by reducing the amount of waste we produce.

Why Reduce?

  • Uses the least amount of energy from the 3 R’s
  • Stops natural resources from being extracted unnecessarily
  • Could prove more cost effective if quality items are purchased
  • Reduces the amount of IT equipment which enters the waste stream

How to Reduce

When making a purchase, look for good quality appliances, items which will be more durable. By doing this, you will be spending extra money when purchasing the item, but you will be saving money later because you won’t be replacing the item. E.g. if you are purchasing computer.

When buying new computers, or electronic items, be sure to ‘future proof’ your purchase. This means to ensure that when new technology comes out your item will still be compatible. E.g. if you buy a computer, try to ensure that the software which comes out within the next 5-10 years will still be able to run on your computer. This is one area, where if you invest more money, and purchaser higher spec items, it will be worth it in the long term.

Correct maintenance of your appliances in accordance with the manufacturer instructions will mean they last longer, this will in return reduce the upgrade period of an item.

When you are making a purchase of IT and electronic equipment, there are few things which you can consider;

  • Buying items which have been produced from recycled items
  • Buying computers appliance which are energy efficient
  • Buying items which are produced locally
  • Buying used and refurbished items
  • Avoid buying items where materials need to be extracted
  • Avoid buying items which are overly packaged – and packaging which is not recyclable/reusable – Try to reuse the packaging which you receive the items in.