Information center

Why Reuse?

The IT reuse process stops new resources from being used; because older items are being repaired, upgraded and reused. This also prevents items from entering the waste stream. The reuse process also uses less energy than if the item was recycled.

Why Reuse IT equipment?

  • Extends the life of a component
  • Uses less energy than recycling
  • Prevents equipment from entering waste stream
  • Allows computers to be available to those who can’t afford new ones
  • Creates skilled jobs e.g. IT Technicians, engineers etc.

How to Reuse

Before you dispose of an item, or recycle it; consider if it has life in it; CDs and DVDs can be shared or traded, appliances such as TVs and washing machines can be repaired; computers can be upgraded and refurbished. Often, repairing or upgrading a computer is not an option; maybe because the parts aren’t available or the parts are too costly, and it is not a viable option. If this is the case then your item can be recycled.