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Corporate Social Responsibility

As an IT recycling business, we aim to reinvest as much as possible in to the communities where our branches are located by creating jobs, working with local charities and schools.

One of our partners in the UK branch includes LifeCare UK; a charity dedicated to community building, emergency aid and relief, and aiming to alleviate poverty in poor areas. Our work with LifeCare UK is on a not for profit basis, we collect all their electronic waste free of charge, and make a donation for what we have collected.

We operate a strict zero landfill policy. Any IT equipment which you recycle with us will be recycled or refurbished to manufacturer standards. You can have peace of mind knowing that your IT equipment isn’t polluting the environment and it is being recycled responsibly.

We promote the 3 R's

"The R’s concept is promoted strongly throughout our business, and also through the community projects we carry out. Our colleagues follow the 3 R’s concept and regularly deliver presentations and workshops to local schools and communities to raise awareness. The key points to consider are to Reduce the amount of waste which is produced by buying local items and items of good quality which will last longer; try to reuse what you can by repairing items, and selling your old items; and if these two options are not possible then Recycle the waste. . You can read more about this at our Resources Page.