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Why Juz Electronic?

Our global IT recycling solution provides you with a cost effective method to safely dispose all your IT and electronic equipment. As a fully certified and compliant IT recycling firm you can be assured that your IT equipment is being handled in a responsible manner. We do this through our Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP) which exceeds government regulations. These plans guarantee that your electronic waste is recorded and treated in the correct way; from the point of collection, until it is treated. We carry out regular internal audits to ensure these procedures are adhered to, and we are also regularly audited by the Environment Agency to ensure we are compliant.

Safeguard your brand

As your recycling partner we safeguard your brand and reputation. We are trusted by our partners to always offer a safe and proactive solution in order to help you benefit from our IT recycling services. Your assets are always kept safe in our secure facilities, where we have 24/7 security systems in place, with secure perimeters and immediate law enforcement response.

Customer confidence

Our customers have confidence in our IT recycling service where we provide them with secure tracking of all assets through our network. Our customers are always kept informed with detailed reports which are produced using our bespoke tracking system.

Data security assurance

We understand your data is valuable; we take every step possible to ensure it is kept safe. We provide software-based destruction and physical destruction for all devices which contain data. You can request the data destruction you require. Our robust data destruction procedures meet the highest standards of data security and we ensure it is compliant with the government regulations.

Zero landfill policy

Across our business we have a strict ‘Zero to Landfill’ recycling policy. This ensures every piece of equipment collected is reused, remarketed or recycled and 0% sent to landfill.

Supporting your CSR objectives

By choosing us as your IT recycling partner; we can help you boost your CSR portfolio by providing you with an environmentally friendly service which is compliant with all government regulations.


Annex 2 of the WEEE directive gives specific guidelines on the treatment of WEEE and Hazardous components that should be removed from WEEE. The Environment Agency offer guidance on this in the form of the Best Available Recovery & Recycling Techniques (BATRRT). All the Juz Electronic operatives are trained on this guidance and we ensure that all equipment is recycling to the highest standards that maximise the recycling percentages and scrap values. This includes the removal of all batteries, circuit boards etc along with the removal of specific items such as toner cartridges and mercury containing bulbs. This means we offer a FULL disassembly solution for CRT screens, TFT screens and TV‘s.